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PTA audit documents and proposed budget 9/9/19

In advance of Tuesday's PTA meeting, I wanted to send out the proposed PTA budget, and the results of the audit conducted over the summer. We will go over these and vote on them at the PTA meeting. I've also include a treasurer's report that includes our expenses and income from over the summer.
Hope to see you on Tuesday!
Amanda Lowenberger, PTA treasurer

Campbell PTA financial update as of 5/31/19

Hi all,
I wanted to give a summary of the PTA's financial activities for the year in my not-quite-final report for the school year. Also, as a quick reminder, if anyone has receipts that they need reimbursed, they need to be dropped in the PTA box by the front door (or emailed to me) by June 20th at the latest. Thanks for everyone's hard work this year — we've gotten a lot accomplished, and had a lot of fun along the way!

Fundraising Highlights:

  • $12,340 – October fun run(including expenses)
  • Wetlands Festival (including expenses)
  • $2,000 – Square 1 Art
  • $1,560 – Amazon Smile and Amazon affiliate link
  • $370 – Box tops
  • $1,680 – Restaurant nights
  • $1,970 – Miscellaneous donations
  • $30 – Bank account interest
Funding Highlights:
  • Outdoor Classroom Coordinator – we funded over 150 hours of Ms. Christy's time
  • We helped to fund many of the supplies for the lessons that Ms. Christy gives
  • New cedar raised bed garden frames for the courtyard
  • 10 waterproof tarps for kids to sit on during outdoor lessons or other outdoor activities (just purchased — they're coming soon!)
  • We funded landscaping crews to clean up Campbell grounds twice this year
  • In support of expeditionary learning:
    • T-shirt "lab coats" were purchased for each kindergartner for their spring expedition
    • 5th grade had professional outdoor signs created as part of their fall expedition
  • Over $1,300 in books for classroom libraries
  • We helped with the upkeep and feeding of Paige the library bunny
  • Classroom resources, including:
    • STEM games, a field trip to Discovery Theater, wooden blocks, and reading center materials for 1st grade
    • Potomac Riverboat tickets for a field trip, and K'nex Simple Machines kits for 2nd grade
    • Alternative seating options for 3rd grade
    • A greenscreen and book club books for 4th grade
    • Alternative seating options, and t-shirts for 5th grade
    • FLES materials for Spanish specials
    • Calming garden supplies and classroom incentives for Interlude
  • The following Teacher Appreciation events were paid for by the PTA:
    • A back-to-school breakfast
    • Lunch during conferences
    • Teacher appreciation week: a catered lunch, donuts, and flowers
  • Time for Kids magazine subscription for the school
  • New music shirts
  • Family game night
  • We supported Girls on the Run by reimbursing for snacks
  • We paid for t-shirts for the Math Dice team
  • We made a $500 donation to the CCPTA CPCI grant fund 
  • We set up an emergency food pantry for students in short-term critical need
  • We were able to provide childcare, Spanish translation, and pizza at all our PTA meetings
  • We printed student directories
  • We expect a few more expenses before the end of June: more classroom resources, 5th grade promotion, and possibly replacement sheds
In addition to funding the above, the PTA managed the money for the following:
  • Project Discovery (Fall session)
  • Campbell Spirit Wear Sales
  • School movie night
And finally, we received a grant from the CCPTA that allowed us to purchase 2 whiteboards for use in outdoor classroom spaces.
The details of our expenses and income are included in the attached report (note: due to some technical difficulties the credit card fees from the Wetlands Festival have not been teased out of the Wetlands Festival income line item. It will be corrected asap, but I just wanted to be transparent about it in the meantime). Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.
Amanda Lowenberger
PTA Treasurer