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Campbell Elementary School PTA – 21-22 Year End Financial Report

Hi all,

As we wrap up the Campbell Elementary School PTA fiscal year, I wanted to send out an annual report to detail the PTA's financial activities for the year. It's so nice this year to look at this list and see things moving back to normal! Thank you to all the volunteers and contributors who helped to make all this happen! I've attached our full budget report for the year for those that like to dig into the details. Here is a summary of what can be found in that document.
Expenses/Achievements – Total for the year $47,069. Here are the highlights:
  • We were able to pay for two sunshades in the front of the school that will help support outdoor learning: $14,119
  • In January, Amanda Lowenberger stepped into the role of outdoor classroom coordinator and has helped to facilitate outdoor lessons in the garden, plan garden usage, plan and support garden workdays and help with the gardens and outdoor learning in various other ways: $2,780
  • We were also able to fund seeds, paint for the shed in the courtyard and many other outdoor classroom supplies: $2,645
  • The pond was repaired: $2,500
  • Teachers were able to shop at the book fair for books for their classrooms: $1,210
  • 5th grade poetry slam prizes: $112
  • K-5th Classroom supplies, books and activity support: $1,027
  • We purchased a new rug for the art classroom: $314
  • We helped fund a “maker space” for the interlude program: $104
  • Throughout the year, many teacher appreciation events were held including lunches, breakfasts, snacks, mini bundt cakes, a book table and even a microwave for the teacher lounge: $3,193
  • Books were bought for each K-2 student: $264
  • We helped purchase t-shirts for Boys on the Move and the Math Dice Team: $495
  • We purchased a yearbook for every 5th grader: $952
  • We helped with 5th grade promotion snacks and favors: $454
  • Popsicles at the Campbell Olympics: $205
  • Paid for a Vet visit for the turtle: $125
  • Made a donation to the CCPTA CPI fund to support the more equitable spread of funds from PTAs within Arlington: $500
  • Translation at almost all of our PTA meetings: $525
  • Mandatory PTA Insurance: $179
  • Wetlands Festival Expense: $1,246
  • Fun Run Expenses: $164
  • Membership dues paid to state and local PTAs: $408
  • In addition we took in money and paid out to break even for: Spirit Wear and Afterschool Enrichment
In order to help finance all of this, we received income this year from the following sources (Total Income this year: $47,993). Here are the highlights:
  • Wetlands Festival Auction + event raffle: $5,521
  • Fun Run: $23,057
  • Square 1 art: $2,181
  • Amazon Smile Program: $438
  • Box Tops: $52
  • Miscellaneous Donations: $639
  • Restaurant Nights: $1,599
  • Membership Dues: $969
This will be my last update as Campbell PTA treasurer. I will be passing the torch to Justin Marsico after the 2021-22 Financial Review is complete. Thanks to Justin for stepping into this role!
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 
Best regards,
Jenny Morris
Treasurer 2021-22
Campbell Elementary School PTA