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Campbell PTA financial update as of 3/31/19

In advance of Tuesday's PTA meeting, here are our PTA financials as of the end of March. The attached financial report includes our expenses and income so far this school year. (Note: I've slightly altered the format of the report to be more transparent about what was spent in the past month specifically)
PSA for teachers: We have a line item in the budget for Expedition support, and currently we have $4,500+ still available for this school year. The funds can be used for expedition-related field trips, bringing in experts, materials for a final work product, etc. Please don't hesitate to put in a request for these funds!
Our highlights from March:
  • We spent $1,335 on the placards that were the final product from 5th grade's fall expedition.
  • We spent $1,394 on books from the book fair for classroom collections
  • We paid $360 for 1st grade's field trip to Discovery Theater
  • We reimbursed $370 of FLES books and materials
  • The PTA brought in lunch from Moe's Southwest Grill for teachers during conferences ($610)
  • We reimbursed $1,261 for the Time for Kids magazine subscription
  • We paid $990 for music shirts for band/chorus/orchestra
  • We made printed copies of the student directory for each family ($490)
Finally, I've attached a lovely thank you note we received from Ms. Berg's class for the books purchased for classrooms during the book fair.
As always, if you have any questions/comments/concerns please don't hesitate to contact me!
Amanda Lowenberger