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[PTA Meeting Minutes]: Campbell PTA Meeting 4.14.2015

Following is a brief summary of this month's PTA meeting on April 14, 2015.  Attached are the full, more detailed minutes.  Please contact Amy Yenyo, Secretary, at if you have any questions.

PTA Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2015

7:30 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.

Number of
:  21

I.     Opening
Remarks:  Beth Cavey, PTA President

  • Opening Exercise:  Participants introduced themselves and
    answered the question, “Why do you come to a PTA meeting and what do you want
    to hear about?”

    • Answers generally included: connecting to the
      Campbell community, to learn what is going on, to volunteer and help out, to
      share ideas etc.

II.    Continuing

  • Garden Fun Day and Playdates: Sunday, April 26th
    (3-5 p.m.); May 9th (9-12 p.m.)

  • Read-a-thon Update: getting close to goal of 100
    students turning in forms and raising up to $3000; last day to turn in form is
    Friday, April 24th; Extra recess and treat is Monday, April 27th
    for kids who turned in a form (no donations required)

  • Square-One Fundraiser:  We raised $1100; orders in by May 1st

  • Wetland’s Festival Update:  May 2nd (4-7 p.m.)

    • Lots of great auction items; to donate items or
      services, contact Rachael Schroeder at

    • Volunteers still needed for help on day of
      event.  To sign up, click here.

    • Food: lots of great food available for sale
      (burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, salad, fruit, mint lemonade, Menchies
      frozen yogurt and more)

    • Entertainment: 
      3 bands performing; Long Branch Nature Center will be there with
      critters; and lots more

    • New Wetland’s T-shirt available for sale – preview

  • Nominations for next year’s Executive Board and
    Committee/Event Leads:  If you are
    interested in running for a position on the Executive Board (President, VP of
    Programs, VP of Fundraising, Secretary, and Treasurer) or a Committee/Event
    Lead (see full minutes for a list of the different positions), please contact
    Jennifer Robertson at  A full slate will be presented and voted on
    at the May 12th PTA meeting.

III.   Principal’s
Update, Maureen Nesselrode, Principal  

  • Updates were given on the status of
    construction, the kindergarten lottery, nomination of Florence Dale, among
    other updates.

IV.  Open
Discussion Item:  “What is your vision
for the Outdoor Classroom?”

  • The Outdoor Classroom consists of several
    components: the Wetlands, gardens (both the growing and ornamental beds), play
    spaces, and programs designed to utilize these areas for instruction, including
    in our classroom expeditions and in Christy P’s (our Garden Docent’s) work.   Campbell staff and the PTA are always open
    to ideas and suggestions about how to incorporate these outdoor areas into the

  • The PTA would like to develop a priority list for
    the Outdoor Classroom to help guide where to focus its time and resources next
    year.  To that end, a survey will be
    going home soon that provides background information on the Outdoor Classroom
    and requests feedback from PTA members on their priorities and ideas for these

  • Participants shared their views and ideas about
    the Outdoor Classroom – including what else could be incorporated and how it
    could be integrated into existing forums – current curriculum, classroom expeditions,
    Christy P.’s Garden Docent Work, etc. (see attached minutes for a more detailed description of the discussion)

V.    Funding

  • MOTION APPROVED to fund $800 to help subsidize a
    2nd grade field trip to the Baltimore Zoo. 


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