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Campbell PTA financial update as of 9/30/18

Every month I will be sending out the monthly budget report in advance of our PTA meetings. Here is an overview of what it contains:
  • Budget Summary – This is the high-level view of our spending and income for the year so far. Our balance at the beginning of the year is shown at the top, as well as our current balance. Our major expense and income categories are tallied up below, including what we budgeted for and how much we've earned/spent so far.
  • Expenses & Income – Any time we earn or spend money, it has to go into a specific category in our approved budget. In the Expense and Income pages, we break out our spending/income in these categories, and also show how much we had budgeted for each category.

Many of the items in our budget are meant to offset each other. For example, you'll see income from spirit wear this month. This does not mean that we are making a lot of money from selling spirit wear. Next month, there will be an offsetting expense when we pay the vendor for the T-shirts. 

I'll go into more detail at the meeting but please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about our expenditures or income so far this year.   
Amanda Lowenberger