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Campbell PTA financial update as of 1/31/19

In advance of tomorrow's PTA meeting, here are our PTA financials as of the end of January. The attached financial report includes our expenses and income so far this school year. 
Here are some highlights from January:
  • We received the final payment from the Fun Run; after expenses we netted $12,339.
  • We were reimbursed $291 from box tops. Keep feeding your box tops to Boxy; they make a difference!
  • We spent $495 to host game night.
  • In preparation for the wetlands festival, we spent $600 for a climbing wall and obstacle course rental
Also a quick note to teachers — very little of the classroom resource budgets have been spent so far this year. We encourage you to use, well, all of it by the end of the year!
As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!
Amanda Lowenberger