Campbell PTA financial update as of 3/31

Hi all, 

Before the upcoming meeting this week (April 18), I wanted to send out our PTA financials as of March 31st for your review. I've attached the budget summary, expenses and income from July 1-March 31. In addition, we have the following requests from teachers that we will vote on at the meeting:
  • Special Ed has requested the several items to support their program. Please see attached for details.
  • The Fifth Grade team is asking if we can have the Poet, Reggie Cabico, back after SOL’s for more sessions on poetry writing. Ms Fiordellisi says, "He was dynamic and engaging and the kids loved him." He has agreed to do two sessions for each 5th grade class and a poetry slam at the end. The total would be $500 for 5 sessions. 
Lastly, we have already provided the following since it was important to move quickly and the total cost was under $100. We purchased 100 units and the thermometers are available now:
  • Ms. Whelan (the school nurse) requested thermometers in order to start an education initiative for parents. She said the following: "Many parents coming to pick up their children do not own a thermometer and do not know how to use one. We are hoping to buy thermometers wholesale to have in the clinic. Whenever a parent like this comes in to pick up their child, we will provide verbal and written education on how to take a temperature as well as hand out thermometers. For 50, wholesale cost would be $57.50 ($1.15/unit). A hundred pieces are $96 ($0.96/unit)."
Please let me know if you have any questions about the budget or the requests. 

Jenny Morris

pdf icon SpecialEdRequests2017.pdf
pdf icon March-2016-17-Income.pdf
pdf icon March-2016-17-Expenses.pdf
pdf icon March-2016-17-Budget-Summary.pdf