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Financial Report: Campbell PTA May 2022

Hi all,

Looking forward to seeing you all in person tomorrow! In advance of the very brief “business” part of the event tomorrow, I'm providing the budget report for Campbell Elementary School PTA as of May 2022. I will do an overview at the meeting but if you have any questions in advance, please let me know! 
Best regards,
Jenny Morris
PTA Treasurer
Campbell Elementary School PTA

Financial Report: Campbell PTA October 2021

Hi all,

In advance of the PTA meeting tomorrow please find the financial report for Campbell Elementary School PTA as of October 31, 2021. The main expense item is that we paid the deposit for the sunshades for the school ($8,600). Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the budget. I'll present at the PTA meeting.
Jenny Morris
PTA Treasurer
Campbell Elementary School PTA

Campbell PTA – 2020-21 Year End Financial Report

Hi all,

It's time for my final financial update of the school year. It was an unusual year to say the least but here are some highlights from the year (included in the attached report). We end the year with $39,627 in the bank:
We didn't have any official fundraisers this year but we still had some income from the following sources – totaling $5,646:
  • $1,526 – Spring Auction
  • $521 – Amazon Smile Program
  • $779 – Miscellaneous Donations
  • $435 – Last summer's READ bus book fair
  • $548 – Restaurant Nights
  • $848 – PTA memberships / we had 116 PTA members this year

In addition, we were able to fund the following during the year (total expenses were $20,793):

  • Outdoor classroom supplies – including new garden beds and much needed repair work on the courtyard pond
  • Outdoor classroom coordinator hours – we were able to fund around 24 hours of Ms. Christy's time
  • Virtual learning support: We helped fund Nearpod for the school, a Padlet subscription and locks for the 5th graders to practice locks on
  • Expedition Support: We funded an artist to come speak with our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders during their expedition
  • Classroom initiatives: We were able to fund teachers' needs including supports/supplies needed for learning at home, fun activities once kids returned, book clubs and others
  • Teacher appreciation: We were able to celebrate our teachers throughout the year with an ice cream truck, goodie bags, gift cards etc.
  • 5th grade promotion: We helped to celebrate our current 5th graders with memory books and t-shirts. We also helped fund some surprises for prior year 5th graders (who finally got their kickball game after a year long wait). 
  • Spanish Translation at all PTA meetings
  • We made a donation to the CCPTA fund
  • We paid our membership dues to the Virginia PTA, the CCPTA and paid for insurance
I want to say a thank you to all who volunteered this year! I know it was a difficult year for all. I look forward to catching up with many of you this fall in person! 
Please let me know if you have any questions about the budget. 
Best regards,
Jenny Morris
Campbell PTA Treasurer