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: Campbell PTA Minutes: May 14, 2014

PTA Minutes                                                        May
14, 2014

on Fundraising

The Wetlands Festival raised about
$10,000 ($8,000 from the silent auction and online sales, and $2,000 from cash
sales on the day of).  This is about the
same amount that the festival raised last year.

The Read-a-Thon raised $4,520.


Officers for 2014-2015 School Year

Beth Cavey, President

Patty Healey, VP for Programming

Rachael Schroeder, VP for Fundraising

Amy Yenyo, Secretary

Eva Clark, Treasurer

Ms. Hill will continue
to be the teacher liaison to the PTA.


PTA unanimously approved the following funding proposals:

$50 gift cards for each custodian, for a
total of $200.

$100 donation to Long Branch and Potomac
Overlook Nature Centers, as thanks for donating their time at the Wetlands

for a voluntary teacher training program in Fall 2014 on working effectively
with students with autism

$3,000 for five classroom library kits
($600 each) for grades 4 and 5

$200 for chair sacs to hold classroom library

$100 for gift cards for student patrols

$220 for a food thermometer and food
processor for the kitchen

$115 for props, materials, and costumes
for the Campbell musical


to Have an Orchard Planted at Campbell

PTA member Christy Przystawik attended a
School Garden Teacher Training in D.C. and met with a tree expert who told her
we could apply to have an orchard planted at Campbell.  Christy requested some help in filling out
the application, which would need to be submitted in Spring 2014.  We need to plan for the space first; Christy will
consult with Pat Findikoglu and former Campbell parent Leslie Mead, who were
instrumental in bringing the Wetlands to Campbell.


on APS School Construction

It’s our understanding that Campbell is
no longer being considered as a site for additional construction.

At this point, it looks like there will
be a new elementary school on the grounds of Thomas Jefferson Middle School, as
well as an addition for Abingdon Elementary.

It appears that there will be a new
middle school in the Wilson Building.

It appears that at Washington-Lee High
School, there will be a reconfiguration of classrooms to add seats.


on 2014-2015 Enrollment Numbers and Staff Changes

Unlike other schools, Campbell is not
forced to increase enrollment in the 2014-2015 school year.

We anticipate the same staff and same number
of students next year. 

There will three kindergarten classes
and three first grade classes.

Janice Wood will retire at the end of this

Shirley Atkins will retire, and Pamela
Clark will work at Campbell full-time, as both EL Coordinator and the Resource
Teacher for the Gifted.

Frances McOwen is retiring, and Florence
Dale will return to Campbell to teach ESOL-HILT.

George Laumann is retiring, and Morgan Norwood
will become the full-time art teacher.

Erin Pavolko is leaving Campbell to take
a full-time music position at Patrick Henry.



Standards of Learning (SOL) tests will
be administered from May 19-June 12.

Virginia eliminated two SOLs for next
year; there will be no science or social studies SOLs for fourth grade and no
writing SOL in fifth grade.

Teachers have found that the Interactive
Achievement (IA) tests are helpful in determining what students are
understanding and retaining during the school year.  They have helped teachers identify what areas
need to be reviewed and re-taught.

This year, Campbell kindergartners’ IA
scores beat the APS average.




: Campbell PTA Minutes January 14, 2014

PTA Minutes                                                January
14, 2014

I.               PTA
Winter Fundraiser: The Read-A-Thon. 
Kickoff is February 11th


will kick off the Read-a-Thon Fundraiser (with the theme “Campbell Loves to
Read!”) at the Book Swap, to be held Tuesday, February 11.  There will be a quick (15-minute) PTA meeting
right before the Book Swap.  The
Read-A-Thon will be introduced at a Community Meeting.   The fundraiser supports the goal of
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: Campbell PTA Minutes, November 12, 2013

PTA Minutes                                                November
12, 2013


is a Focus School.


does the Focus School designation mean?


Colburn of the APS Department of Instruction and Maureen Nesselrode, Principal,
presented the following information:

Campbell is fully accredited in
educational accountability.  For this
year, based on student test scores on the SOLs and other assessments, we have
met all 35 of the Federal Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) for English and
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