PTA Meeting Minutes 2.21.17

Campbell PTA Meeting

February 21, 2017

6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Approximate # of

I.     Welcome and
Introductions: Nathan Zee, President 

  • Nathan welcomed
    everyone to the meeting and introduced the first guest speaker, School
    Board Member Ms. Tannia Talento


II.    Tannia Talento,
School Board Member

  • Ms. Talento
    gave a power point presentation

Ms. Talento described the mission and vision statement
of Arlington Public Schools, and our Core Values

Ms. Talento described her personal story and why
ran for School Board

APS 3-5 Year Action Plan
(available on APS website)

Enrollment actuals and projections
through 2026; more difficult to calculate beyond five years because that number
is not based on students already in the system

Right now, the School Board is
working to update the enrollment and transfer policy, new 1300 seat HS program
visioning process, Drew re-visioning process

Asking community to weigh in with
their thoughts on all these matters through the APS Engage website:
or email:

Website also has calendar of all
upcoming events

Community survey on the new HS
instructional focus underway

Transfer & enrollment policy
decision will be made in June; will go into effect for 2018-2019 school year;
draft policy currently online; community meetings on 2/22 and 3/2; meetings
will be live streamed

HS Boundary Process that recently
concluded in December

Six criteria that were followed

The goal was to balance enrollment
among all three high schools

Showed a slide of what the
boundaries look like now and what they will be for this coming school year

Over next 3-5 years, elementary
and middle school boundary refinements will take place as new buildings come

Next year (2018): School Board
will develop a new strategic plan, will review the CIP, will update the
“profile of a graduate” to align with the Every
Student Succeeds Act
(ESSA), which will likely affect graduation requirements

Superintendent will present next
year’s budget, and School Board will vote on budget in April or May; public may
attend work sessions but may not provide comment at work sessions, public
comment at School Board meetings

Ms. Talento provided contact
information for all School Board members

School Board office: 703-228-6015

Nancy VanDoren:

Barbara Kanninen:

Reid Goldstein:

James S. Lander:

Tannia Talento:

  • Ms. Talento
    opened the floor to questions and comments:
    • Q: On transfer/enrollment policy: Campbell values our
      diversity, which is achieved through the VPI preference in the lottery.
      Will that preference remain, to enable us to keep our diverse community
      intact? Or will VPI students have to reapply to a Kindergarten lottery?
      A: That’s a good question, I don’t have an answer for you. That’s part of
      what is being looked at. My understanding is that there is not a huge
      advocacy for changing that. We’d like to increase VPI across the county.
      This is where your participation in these meetings can make a big
      difference. Because if we don’t hear from you, we don’t hear how that is
      essential to your community. I’d encourage you to come to the meetings
      and advocate for that. Sibling preference at the elementary level is
      likely to remain. Not looking to make it harder for families to access
    • Q: What is PIP
      vs. policy? A: For those who don’t know, we have a policy, and then a
      PIP, or Policy Implementation Plan. The PIP explains how we put our
      policy into action. We’re growing so quickly that we need policy to be
      more general (a general focus and overarching goal) so that we can more
      quickly adjust to changes as we grow using a dynamic and more detailed PIP.
      This will not change the community engagement process.
    • Q: Very hard to
      see what changes are even being proposed in the documents (the mark-ups)
      because policy is so long and complicated. A: We’re just trying to put
      all the information out there. Some people prefer to see the track
      changes in the documents, other respond to direct engagement at meetings.
      We’re just trying to reach everyone wherever they are, however they learn
      or choose to engage. Remember, this is just the first draft.


III.           Camila Espinosa, Immigration Attorney

  • Ms. Espinosa
    gave a presentation on knowing your rights
  • What policies
    are changing?
  • Recent Executive
    Order: while not law, is policy and can affect changes:
    • largest
      change being who has become a priority for deportation
    • under new
      administration, new priority list includes all those arrested or charged
      with a crime, even very minor offenses (no longer only those who have
      been convicted of serious crimes)

  • What do you
    need to know?
    • Go to
      reliable sources for information (do not believe or spread rumors, verify
      and don’t spread fear)
    • Who is at
      risk: anyone without lawful status, people with lawful status who have certain
      criminal convictions
    • Who will ICE
      focus on:
      • People with
        pending criminal cases or prior convictions
      • People with
        final orders of conviction
      • People who
        have committed fraud or misrepresentation in application to the
      • People they
        believe pose a threat to public safety or national security

    • If ICE comes
      to your home:
      • They do not
        have the authority to force you to answer your door; if they do not have a warrant signed by a
        judge, you may refuse them entry
      • It’s your right not to answer the door and to refuse them
        permission to enter
      • You may refuse to speak to them, you have the right
        to remain silent
      • You should always provide true identification
        information (your name, DOB), but you do not have to share your
        immigration status

    • If you are
      at risk, what can you do?
      • Make a plan
        with your loved ones in case you are detained
      • Avoid contact
        with Immigration: don’t apply to change your immigration status or to
        renew your greencard and don’t travel outside of the US without talking
        to a lawyer first
      • Avoid contact with the criminal justice system

  • There was an
    extensive Q & A session, but for reasons of privacy, detailed minutes
    are unavailable


IV.  Treasurer’s
Report: Jenny Morris , Treasurer

  • As of November
    30, we’re at ~$35,000 of income and ~$32,000 of expenses.  Specific details discussed were:

o   During
the month, we received $167 of income from Amazon, $515 from box tops program;
paid Christy for invoiced expenses

o   There were no questions from attendees on the budget status

Funding request
for $271 from Ms. Norwood to integrate STEAM principles into her classroom
using a “Maker Kit”  

There were no questions from the floor

o   Motion to approve funding $271 toward purchasing
a “Maker Kit.” Motion seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


V.    Closing: Nathan
Zee, President

  • Reminder: School
    Dance this Friday evening
  • Next meeting is
    Tuesday, March 21st