PTA Meeting Minutes 1.17.17

Campbell PTA Meeting

January 17, 2017

6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Approximate # of

I.     Welcome and
Introductions: Nathan Zee, President 

  • Nathan welcomed everyone
    to the meeting and read a “Thank You” note from Carol Valdez, one of the
    winners of the staff appreciation baskets
  • Nathan reminded
    everyone of the upcoming Four Courts restaurant night (on 2/1), the
    upcoming Brick’s Pizza Night (on 2/15)
  • Nathan informed PTA
    that Wetlands Festival formal planning will kick-off soon
  • Nathan reminded
    us that our School Board representative, Tannia Talento, will be attending
    the next PTA meeting on 2/21/17


II.    Internet Safety
Tips: Maureen Nesselrode, Principal, and Kathy Gust, Technology Coordinator

  • Ms.
    Nesselrode introduced Ms. Gust and explained that while this is outside
    the scope of Ms. Gust’s position, she is very knowledgeable on the issue
  • Ms. Gust gave
    the following Internet Safety Tips for parents:

Realize that nothing is 100% secure

There are work-arounds for every
security setting (students learn how to gain access and teach one another)

Settings discussed in the
presentation may or may not apply to your device

You need to know which operating
system is on your device; parental controls have improved with more recent
versions of operating systems

Contact your Internet provider for
additional information

For Windows 7,8, and 9 Parental Controls:

YouTube video on how to set up
accounts for kids:

Links to resources:

For Windows, make sure every user
has their own account

Administrator account (parent): is
the first one to set-up; privileges allowed include installing software and
changing settings; use a strong password to keep it secure

Standard account (child): create
one for each individual user; prevent user from deleting system files

Guest account: can be created for
any visitors to your home

Administrator should turn on
parental controls after setting up accounts

Can set up restrictions for games
and apps; set time limits for usage

Windows 10 PC and Mobile, manage
accounts at

Parent can manage child’s account
from here; settings can be applied to every device the child logs in with

Web features include filters on
content through Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer

Blocks adult content w/ searches
on Bing, Google, Yahoo! and others

Blurs out adult content and

Child can send request to adult
for access

Generates activity reports

Sent via email

Information includes” websites
visited, device usage time, and apps on PC or mobile devices

Screen time

Restrict amount of time

Time intervals can be set as well
as maximum time allowances

Child may request time extension

Apps, games, and media limits

Set an age rating for content
acquired in Windows store

Specific apps can be blocked

Cannot block non-Windows Store

Purchase and spending features

Parents can add money to child’s
account to be spent in Windows Store

Parents can see child’s purchases

Find your child

Child’s Windows 10 mobile phone
can be found on a map

YouTube Parental Setting

Restricted Mode (works at the
browser level, so must be repeated for each browser; i.e. Firefox, Internet
Explorer, Safari, etc.)

o   Google
Chrome browser

Control sites your family can
visit on the Internet:

See websites that users visit

Block websites

Prevent users from installing apps
and extensions

Turn on SafeSearch

Create a supervised user in Chrome

Different than Google account

Does not give access to Google
Gmail, Google + and Google Drive

SafeSearch on Google: go to,
click Setting >Search Settings

Filters explicit search results

Not 100%, but helps avoid most
adult content

Works on phone, tablet, or

Helps block explicit images,
videos, and websites from Google search results

  • Ms. Nesselrode
    opened the floor to questions and comments:
    • Q: Have you
      heard about routers that do this type of content filtering from a higher
      level? A (Ms. Gust): I haven’t, but I’m familiar with software, not an
      expert on hardware. That would be a question for your internet provider,
      or experts at stores where you may purchase a router.
    • Q: Have you
      heard of “Disney Circle”? A (Ms. Gust): No. Comment from the floor: it’s one
      of a handful of companies that are marketing routers that can restrict
      content; not aware of reviews of this service, or others.
    • Q: What type of
      monitoring happens at school w/school devices? A (Ms. Nesselrode):
      Devices are flat on table so that they’re visible to teachers, teachers
      periodically check the devices’ history, always check if there’s a suspected
      issue, APS uses filtering; piloting Apple Classroom in which teacher can
      monitor all devices in real time from own device
    • Q: Do students
      get a lesson at school about Internet safety? A (Ms. Nesselrode): Yes,
      taught about cyberbullying, how to be safe online, how to use social
      media accounts; common-sense, developmentally-focused lessons on internet


III.           Project Discovery Feedback: Tammy
Bewitz, Coordinator

  • Tammy gave brief
    history of Project Discovery and responded to questions that came up in
    the survey
    • No classes held
      on Mondays and Tuesday because there are remediation classes held on those
      days after school (also no Wednesday classes for upper grades for same
      reason), and we don’t want anyone to be excluded from taking a class for
      this reason
    • Always looking
      for parents to teach the classes
    • STEM classes
      have been popular in the surveys, but not as many parent volunteers who
      have volunteered to teach these classes, so outside providers have filled
      that niche
    • Negotiate
      w/providers to keep costs low in order to remove economic barriers for
      lower income students to participate,
    • We ask that
      instructors agree to provide at least one full scholarship, as well as
      accept a reduced overall fee because we are a Title 1 school
      • Q: How many
        students use scholarships? A: About 20% of registered students

    • Credit card and
      online registration vendor were costing too much money, so we are working
      to save money in overhead by moving away from that vendor, to provide
      maximum student benefit
    • Next session of
      classes begins on 3/15

  • Ms. Nesselrode
    weighed in that the upper grades have more schedule conflicts due to other
    after school activities, so the break between the two sessions helps to
    accommodate the other activities

IV.  Treasurer’s
Report: Jenny Morris , Treasurer

  • As of November
    30, we’re at ~$33,945 of income and ~$33,200 of expenses.  Specific details discussed were:

o   During
the month, we paid t-shirt vendor, made $172 of income from Brick’s Pizza Night;
$239 from California Pizza Kitchen Restaurant Night, $154 of Amazon income,
paid Ms. Christy $500 for her invoiced time

o   Have sold 222 items of Campbell wear

o   We have a quote for the Wetlands clean-up work; work is not
yet done but it has been accounted for in the budget

o   Motion to approve funding $120 toward Wellness
Event. Motion seconded. Motion approved, unanimously.

Questions from floor:

questions; Ms. Nesselrode followed up on question from December meeting about
the PA system. It is thirteen years old and could use modernization. Something
for PTA to consider during upcoming budget planning


V.    Fundraising:
Kelly Krug, VP Programming

  • The following
    events/fundraisers are coming up:
    • 2/17, Spirit
      Day/Crazy Hair (100th day of school)
    • 2/24, School
    • Used Sports
      Equipment Drive throughout the month
    • Fun Run on 3/24
    • DC United
      Player will be visiting Campbell to sign autographs and take pictures
      from 6:30-8pm on 3/27


VI.  Closing: Nathan
Zee, President

  • Next meeting is
    Tuesday, February 21st. Guests will include School Board member
    Tannia Talento and an Immigration Attorney
  • March meeting
    we’ll have a budget discussion, and guest will be the Kenmore principal
    • Comment from
      the floor: If there are any large projects coming up, we should look to
      grants. Response: We will look at grant opportunities.