PTA Meeting Minutes 9.20.16

Campbell PTA Meeting
September 20, 2016
6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Approximate # of Attendees:   30

  1. Introductions and Recap of Summer Activities; Nathan Zee, President
  • Nathan introduced himself and then opened the floor to all 30 members present for introductions
  • Over 80 families have joined PTA so far for the 2016-2017 school year (433 students enrolled this year); if you haven’t joined, please do so by 9/30 ($8 individual/$15 per family). The link to join is: Join PTA Online – Campbell Elementary; you will receive a PTA membership card that will entitle you to discounts at affiliated retailers
  • What kinds of things does the PTA do/support?
  • We purchase items such as the Sheila Gale reading Bench that has been placed in the courtyard, a tribute to recently retired Campbell reading teacher Sheila Gale; Nathan read a Thank You note from Sheila Gale
  • We support teacher requests (e.g. class umbrellas, class rain boots, standing desks), outdoor learning (e.g. new pond and outdoor learning coordinator position), field trips, and more
  • We support activities such as the Wetlands Festival, Back-to-School Picnic, Fun Run, Movie Night, School Dance, and many, many more
  • Thanks to those who have already signed up for volunteer events (such as the Teacher Appreciation breakfast, and the Election Day Bake Sale); there is no cut-off to sign-up for events, so please sign up at any time if you are able
  • PTA Officers have two-year term limits, so both Kathy Cordon (VP of Fundraising) and Kelly Krug’s (VP of Programming) positions will need to be filled by someone else for the next school year; keep this in mind if you are interested in becoming a part of the PTA’s executive board
  • How does the PTA communicate?
  • Listserv
  • Campbell PTA Facebook Group (closed group for privacy reason; it is moderated and you must agree to the terms in order to join)
  • Friends of Campbell Facebook Group is not affiliated with the PTA
  • Twitter: Maureen Nesselrode has an account and she frequently posts pictures (her Twitter feed can also be viewed from the Campbell APS page)
  • PTA also has a webpage with information and links:
  • Summer Updates
  • Pond was redone (came in about $200 under budget)
  • Turtle Tank was rebuilt
  • Updated and adopted new bylaws (good for 5 years)
  • Completed audit, filed taxes, and did other administrative work to ensure we remain in good standing with VAPTA
  • Nathan thanked Sean Doyle and Ric Cordon for rebuilding the pond bridge last Saturday


  1. Nomination for Executive Board vacant position (new position)
  • Kelly Krug, member of nominating committee to fill new executive board position of VP of Communications and Outreach nominated Barbara Martinez to fill open position; there were no other interested parties
  • Motion to approve nomination, Seconded, Motion Approved unanimously by 30 members
  • Formal vote will take place at next meeting (October 18) to elect Barbara Martinez to position of VP of Communications and Outreach (note: nominations from the floor will be accepted on October 18th if anyone else is interested in the position)


III.   Review of Fundraising Activities for 2016-2017

  • Kathy Cordon, VP of Fundraising—Five Main Fundraisers held throughout the year
  • Pledge Drive: starts 10/3 and lasts for six weeks; no-fuss, just donate money and receive incentives
  • Penny Wars: will be held in February; grade levels will be competing against one another, will coincide w/President’s Day (Lincoln/Penny educational tie-in)
  • Fun Run: will replace the Read-a-thon, will take place on 3/24 and there will be a DJ; online pledging and outreach prior to date; will be held at school during school hours
  • Square One Art: merchandise created from your own child’s artwork will be available in April, in time for Spring holidays (such as Mother’s Day)
  • Wetlands Festival: will be held 4/29; largest fundraiser of the year; silent auction and fun-filled day with food and bands for community to enjoy while raising money for Campbell
  • Other fundraisers throughout the year include: Amazon affiliate link, Box Tops, Benefit (new), Restaurant Nights (California pizza Kitchen next week), Pizza Nights
  • We’d like to focus on grants this year, so if anyone has ideas (specific grants we should pursue) or expertise in this area please let us know

  1. Review of Programming Activities for 2016-2017
  • Kelly Krug, VP of Programming
  • Back-to-School Picnic this Friday; there will be Food trucks, please bring blankets/chairs
  • Bike/Walk-to-School Day on 10/5
  • First Ever Outdoor Movie Night on 10/21; will have pizza, popcorn, drinks available for purchase
  • “Socktober” spirit day also in October
  • Calendar of Events went home last week in Thursday Folders
  • School Dance in February
  • DC United game in the spring (with tailgate)


  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • Jenny Morris, Treasurer—For the 2016-2017 budget year we had more expenses than projected income due to two large projects (Pond and Turtle Tank), for which we have reserves
  • Increased classroom resources budget for the 2016-2017 year
  • $50,000 projected income
  • Open floor to Q & A:
  • Q: Do we make money from Spirit Wear? A: Not budgeted as a fundraiser, it’s a wash (we make a tiny amount, but it’s not intended to make us money). We want children to have the opportunity to have Spirit Wear to feel like part of the community, so we don’t consider this a way to fundraise.
  • Q: Does the PTA support Field Trips? A: Yes, for big trips that require a charter bus (like to Jamestown and Baltimore Zoo), the PTA helps to offset the cost.
  • Motion was made to approve 2016-2017 budget, Seconded, and Approved Unanimously


  1. Testing and the SOL’s, Maureen Nesselrode, Principal
  • Over past four years, goal has been to get students reading and doing math on grade level, with no gaps between demographic sub-groups
  • Campbell does not do much test prep; there is nothing unusual about the format of the SOL’s that lends itself to test prep (not like the SAT’s)
  • VA is not a Common Core state; many of the concerns and information about testing and curriculum (on the national level) does not apply to VA or the SOL’s
  • VA is moving towards focusing on the accreditation model rather than the NCLB ESEA requirements; for accreditation we need 75% of all students passing (we are in the 80’s)
  • School-wide efforts to improve performance, such as a strong Library program, Workshop Model, excellent staff, and strategic grouping of students, have led to great successes over last 4 years
  • How to measure Outdoor Learning? Ms. Christy is collecting data; has done 25 lessons already between orientations and other lessons; making an effort to reflect this in Turtle Tales Newsletter, Class Newsletters, and other communications
  • Revised Homework Policy was discussed at Back-to-School Night
  • Electronic Policy: for now, devices remain at school unless and until there is a compelling reason to send them home
  • 4th and 5th graders will be doing Word Study in school; will allow for more differentiation (intervention/acceleration both possible) so that all student needs are met
  • Open floor to Q & A:
  • Q: Do the Interlude program students count towards Campbell’s SOL scores?
  • A: No, their scores are counted with their home schools’ scores


VII. Reminders and Notices

  • Jessica Haney: SHAB meeting next month, 10/19; more info here:
  • Tammy Bewitz: Looking for volunteers for check-in and snack donations for Project Discovery (Project Discovery is Campbell’s enrichment course programs; we offer two sessions per year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The first six-week session begins in October; register by 9/30 online here:; also, if anyone has ideas for classes or expertise to teach/lead a class, please let her know:
  • Maureen Nesselrode, Principal: Latina Moms group has been formed, modeled after the Kenmore Middle School Parent Group; first meeting will be held on Thursday, 9/22 at 7:45 am at Campbell; hope to support the PTA’s efforts and foster greater inclusion of all voices

VIII.         Closing, Nathan Zee, President

  • Outlined general flow of PTA meetings
  • Topics to be discussed are taken from the Parent Survey (four most popular topics will be discussed at upcoming meetings)
  • Funding request from Beth Decker for reimbursement for the bunny cage and bedding for the new Campbell bunny, $144.38
  • Motion was made to approve funding request, Seconded, and Approved Unanimously
  • Remember to buy your Campbell Spirit Wear!