Campbell PTA financial update as of 9/30

Hi all,

In advance of our PTA meeting tonight, here are our PTA financials through the end of September. The attached financial report includes our expenses and income so far this school year. 
Our highlights from September:
  • We reimbursed 5th grade $431 for plants to study and care for, as well as a field trip to Green Spring Gardens
  • We paid $4,520 for the new shed that was installed over the summer
  • We covered $39 of rabbit supplies for Paige, the library bunny
  • We provided $192 of food and fruit for the Pizza and Packets math packet event over the summer
  • We've exceeded our $1700 PTA membership goal by $7.
  • We've raised $2900 for the October fun run
  • We've received $1,632 in donations that came in along with membership dues.
Phew, you all have been busy PTA members already this year! Thanks to everyone who joined the PTA, and welcome (or welcome back)!
If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.