How to Turn On the Fundraising Center

Each Year we turn on the fundraising capacity of this city for the month leading up to the Fun Run.


There are four main components:

Students (entered by their adult, no login necessary)

Pledges (entered by any donor, no login necessary)

Wall Post Messages (entered by any participant, no login necessary)


An "Anonymous" user hasn't created an account with this website. We do not require an account to participate.


When it's time to "turn on" the site, there are 5 steps required.


1) Go here to login as an administrator.

2) OPTIONAL:  go here to select all Students and "Mark as published"

select students and publish


3) Turn on "Permissions" here: 

a) Check the box to allow Anonymous Users to Pledge: Create new content
b) Check the box to allow Anonymous Users to Student: Create new content
c) Check the box to allow Anonymous Users to Wall Post: Create new content

Anonmymous may add content



4) Circulate the link around. Anonymous users will be able to create new pledges.




After the Fun Run concludes, go here to administer all content and "unpublish" all existing students and pledges.