Campbell Fun Run 2019-2020

You can do it!

Students at Campbell participated in an annual Fun Run.


Campbell students ran for 20 minutes while a DJ played favorite tunes.

If you've already pledged, please fulfill your donation here:


funrunThank you for all you do for our school community.

Schoolwide Rewards

(All students participate and benefit)

  • $3,000 - Mix-it-Up Lunch
  • $5,000 - Recess Dance Party
  • $10,000 - Teacher Dance-Off!


Individual Rewards

  • $100 - Campbell car magnet
  • $250 - 25 Wetlands Festival raffle tickets
  • $500 - Free, guaranteed Spring Project Discovery class

(Note: All students participate in the run and rewards regardless of their fundraising level.)


Please pay online (preferred), or by check. 

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