Fundraising Spotlight: 2021 Fun Run

The Fun Run is back! October 29th, Campbell students will participate in our very popular Fun Run. We challenge students to run for 20 minutes (urged on by a DJ playing some of their favorite tunes!) and ask parents, family and friends to pledge their support. (Note: ALL students participate in the run and rewards regardless of their fundraising level.)

The Fun Run replaces the Fall Pledge Drive the PTA has held in years past. What does this mean? This will be one of our two major fundraisers of the year, the second being the spring Wetlands Festival and Auction.

There were schoolwide rewards that all students participated in:

$3,000—Mix-it-Up Lunch
$5,000—Recess Dance Party
$10,000—Teacher Dance Off!

Individual students also earned rewards for these giving levels:

$100—Campbell car magnet
$250—25 Wetlands Festival raffle tickets
$500—Free, guaranteed Spring Project Discovery class

Please contact us at for more information.

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