Principal’s Chat: Student-led Conferences and Report Cards

Report Cards:

They will be sent out after the conferences.
They have the content created by the committee last year, but reformatted.


Behavior/Habits of a Learner, etc
Key: C, I, N
Consistently Demonstrats
Inconsistently Demonstrates
Needs Development

Key: Ex, Acc, Pro, Beg, NY
Most students will receive an ACC (performing as expected), not Ex

Teacher Comments:
All teachers can put in comments for each quarter (art, music, PE, math, etc.). Not all specials teachers will comment each quarter, but you will get at least one comment per year from each child, and they will be specific to your child not a general class-wide comment.


The Social and Habits of a Learner key is the same.
The Key for Academics has changed. Instead of letter grades, it is a number representation, 1-4. These scores are not on a curve.

Note for all grades: NY, not yet introduced will be the mark until the subject has been taught AND assessed. (For example, if a topic has been recently introduced, but the students have not yet completed the segment, it would be NY.)

Only one or two pieces of work were in the portfolio for the first conference. More will be added through the year. There is a second section of the portfolio that will travel with the student through the years.

Parent comment: the students have much more buy-in and ownership of the content of the portfolio, because they are more aware of the content.

Starting in March, pre-K, K, and 1 classes will have student-led conferences. The students will be working on how to lead the conference between now and March, so they will have experience.

Parent comments:
Sign-up for times was great. It was hard to sign-up if you couldn’t make it to back to school night. (Maybe next time have sign-up sheet out at drop-off/pick-up as well, or an ability to sign up online after back to school night.)