Barbara Martinez, President

Barbara is married to Will Bohlen and they have two children, Nathaniel, a fourth grader, and Lydia, a kindergartner. A history buff, she works in marketing and communications for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Fun fact: She once worked as the assistant for the Washington Post's "Reliable Source" column and got to interview celebrities and attend glamorous (for Washington) parties. But her favorite assignment was probably the day she spent shadowing the balloon handlers in the July 4 parade. Life is even more interesting now and the “Bohlez” family is tickled to be part of the vibrant and diverse Campbell community.  Barbara can be reached at

Monica Flores, VP of Programming

Monica S. Flores appreciates the warm relationships in our shared Expeditionary Learning community and looks forward to connecting with other Campbell parents. She’s grateful to Arlington Public Schools for educating her children: a 1st-grader at Campbell, a 6th-grader at Kenmore, and her eldest, who’s entering college. An award-winning web developer since 2004, she currently serves as project manager for Lullabot, a digital agency. She enjoys playing piano, reading sci-fi and memoirs, and going for walks along Four Mile Run. You can reach her at

Julie Boehler & Erica Lord, VPs of Fundraising

Fundraising is a great way to get involved at Campbell and Julie and Erica are always looking for volunteers.  We need help with the yearly fundraising activities including, box tops, Restaurant Nights, Square 1 Art, the fall Fun Run and Spring Festival and auction.  No matter what you background we'd love to meet you- we have a wide range of needs from research to door knocking to ask for donations to website and  organization skills- we have one day to one year long volunteer opportunities.  We'd love to meet you and tell you about the options to get involved with the Campbell PTA!  You can reach Julie and Erica at

Julie is new to the PTA executive board this year and looks forward to learning more about how to serve our Campbell community. She and her husband Joe having a rising third grader at Campbell, can be found most days walking in GlenCarlyn park or avoiding Julie’s cooking “skills” by enjoying the many wonderful restaurants along Columbia Pike. She is the Principal Timpanist of The U.S. Army Band at Ft. Myer and hopes that her professional skills allow her to drum up some creative fundraising goals.

Kathryn Evans Cordon, VP of Communications

Kathy is married to Rick Cordon and they have fourth-grade twins, William and Sophia.  After 20 years in sales, Kathy loves being a stay at home mom and enjoys cooking, travel and the constant go, go, go that is Arlington living.  She also loves watching her children play sports, listening to music, cheering on the UNC Tar Heels, volunteering and being active in the PTA.  The Cordon Family is excited for their 5th year at Campbell and loves being an active part of the vibrant and diverse Campbell community. If you have ideas or can help with the PTA’s website, flyers, or Facebook group, she wants to hear from you! You can reach Kathy at

Amanda Lowenberger, Treasurer

Amanda's family includes her husband, Aaron, and her son Nathan, a second grader.  She is also on the board of an environmental non-profit and designs and sells science-themed cross stitch patterns.  She enjoys cooking, walking Nate to school through the woods (or carting him around in their cargo bike), and learning new skills like drywalling as she fixes up their house.  Amanda is excited to be serving on the board again this year and is looking forward to getting to know even more Campbell families!   You can reach her by email at

Shana Brown, Secretary

Shana and her husband James Main have two children, Chaya, in fourth grade, and Ari, who is racing through toddlerhood. The Brown/Mains are a busy bunch, with Shana writing proposals for an environmental advocacy organization and James booking bands and playing music at venues around town (including our very own Wetlands Festival!). In their downtime they enjoy spending time with family and friends and exploring nature and culture both near and far. They love being part of the Campbell community and are excited about starting their sixth year as a Campbell family. You can reach Shana at

Tamara Hill (K-1 Teacher) is the Teacher Liaison to the PTA

Maureen Nesselrode, Principal

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Campbell is a public elementary school in Arlington, Virginia.

 So What Do We Do, Exactly?

President’s Main Duties:

  • Plans and leads all PTA meetings
  • Ex officio member of all committees
  • Coordinates the work of the officers and committees to meet annual goals
  • Promotes inclusion of the entire Campbell Community in PTA programs and events
  • Hosts the Fall Picnic
  • Oversees the Planning of major Campbell events (i.e. Wetlands Festival)

Vice President Programming’s Main Duties:

    • Program Committee Chair
    • Plan and host programs throughout the school year that promote the well being and enrichment of the Campbell Community
    • Oversees:
      • Programs Committee
      • Fall/Winter Dance
      • Movie Night
      • Spirit Days
      • 5th Grade Promotion
      • Student Recognitions

Vice President Fundraising’s Main Duties:

      • Fundraising Committee Chair
      • Plans and manages programs/events to ensure that the PTA meets its budget goals
      • Oversees:
        • Fundraising Committee
        • Campbell Wear/Spirit Gear
        • Rewards Programs, Box Tops/Labels
        • Wetlands Festival Auctions
        • Square 1 Art
        • Other Fundraising Opportunities

Vice President Communications Main Duties:

  • Communications Committee Chair
      • Ensures accurate communication of PTA events and information
      • Oversees:
        • Thursday Folder inserts
        • Facebook Group
        • Coordination of Messaging
        • Event Invites
        • Flyers/Posters/Bulletin Boards

Treasurer’s Main Duties:

      • Maintains all PTA funds and accounts, keeping detailed and accurate accounting of expenses and income
      • Presents budget reports at each PTA meeting
      • Collects receipts and pays bills
      • Ensures compliance with financial requirements

Secretary’s Main Duties:

      • Takes minutes at PTA meetings and distributes them to the Campbell Community
      • Annual Campbell Directory
      • Oversees:
        • All PTA communications
        • Membership committee
        • PTA list serve
        • PTA website

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