Campbell PTA financial update as of 9/30

Hi All,

I hope this finds you well! I am sending my first treasurer report of the year in advance of the PTA meeting coming up on Tuesday (October 13). Since we didn't have too much activity so far this year, I've combined the July, August and September reports into this summary. The document has a summary page (pg 1) and then goes into more detail on the income and expenses. Here are a few highlights so far this school year:
  • $436 from the READ book fair that was held at the end of last year
  • $111 from the Brick's Pizza night
  • $597 of member dues and with that an additional $224 of additional donations
  • $103 from Silver Diner meals
  • $488 from Amazon
  • $179 for annual insurance policy
  • $200 for an ice cream truck for teacher appreciation
  • $47 for 5th grade supplies
  • $10 for support for the Campbell News Broadcast
  • $580 for outdoor classroom coordinator hours
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I'll also speak briefly about this at the meeting. And if you have ideas about how we should be spending money this year or any other activities the PTA should be involved in, please make sure to fill out a survey to share your ideas:
Kind regards,
Jenny Morris
Campbell PTA Treasurer