Campbell PTA financial update as of 5/31

Hi all,

It's time once again for the monthly budget report for the Campbell PTA. We've had a big year so far. I've attached the budget summary, income detail and expense detail as of 5/31/2017 for your review. Here are some of the quick highlights which will be discussed more at the PTA meeting on Tuesday:
  • We funded around $25,000 in teacher requests, field trips, speakers, outdoor classroom upgrades, maintenance and more! Nathan will go into more detail at the meeting.
  • Our Major Fundraising goal was $22,500 for the year. We ended up raising $11,500 over that total through the Wetlands Festival, Penny Wars, Fall Pledge Drive, the Fun Run and Square 1 Art.
  • We raised $2,500 from Amazon purchases this year. 
  • We raised $899 from Box tops this year.
  • We raised $2,800 from restaurant nights this year
As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! 


Jenny Morris