Campbell PTA financial update as of 5/31

Hi all, 

I wanted to give a financial update for the full year with my (almost) final report of the school year. First of all, a quick reminder that receipts are due next week (unless you've spoken to me) if you would like to get reimbursed for PTA expenses. I will be at the PTA meeting or you can drop them in the lock box by the front door of the school. Now, onto a summary of the Campbell Elementary School PTA (from a financial perspective). As I look at this list, I am so thankful for all the volunteers who have helped out this year! We've been able to accomplish a lot together!
Fundraising Highlights – Here are the total amounts we've made from all our fundraising activities this year:

  • $14,500 – Wetlands Festival (including expenses)
  • $14,100 – Fun Run (including expenses)
  • $2,260 – Square 1 Art
  • $786 – Penny Wars
  • $1,900 –  Amazon Link Money
  • $500 – Box Tops
  • $2,600 – Restaurant Nights
  • We had about 210 members join the PTA!
Funding highlights:
We were able to fund all of the following this year!
  • Outdoor Classroom Coordinator – We funded over 100 hours of Ms. Christy's time this year (hours for May and June still to come!)
  • We helped to fund many of the supplies for the lessons that Ms. Christy gives the kids – when you see photos on the twitter feed, many of the veggies, fruits etc are funded by the PTA!
  • We funded landscaping crews to come clean up the Campbell grounds twice this year
  • All Kindergarteners got to pick a book from the garden at the start of the year 
  • Two retirement gifts for retiring teachers were funded by the PTA
  • The following Teacher Appreciation events were paid for by the PTA:
    • Staff Breakfast (September)
    • Olive Garden Lunch (October Conferences)
    • Staff Breakfast (December)
    • Teacher appreciation week which included activities every day!
  • T-shirts for the Math Dice team
  • Helped support Boys on the Move and Girls on the Run
  • Helped with the Coat Drive/Holiday Drive at Campbell to offer winter wear and presents to those in need at the school
  • Wellness Committee – We helped fund two Wellness activities for teachers this year.
  • Donation to CCPTA fund – We made a donation to the County PTA who uses these funds to help even out the funding between all the schools in the county. 
  • We paid for the remaining books on the teachers wish lists after the book fair 
  • We were able to provide food, childcare and translation at all of our PTA meetings
  • 5th Grade Promotion (coming up!)
  • We funded the following for each grade level:
    • Specials: Ukuleles for the music department, Classroom puppets and training for the Spanish Department, Supplies for the 5th Grade Musical
    • Kindergarten – Lots of classroom supplies and a field trip to Discovery Theater
    • 1st Grade – Field notebooks
    • 2nd Grade – Field Trip to the farmers market including fruit and veggie purchases, purchase of bags and additional veggies for the showcase and some supplies for the Campbell Olympics
    • 3rd Grade – Helped to fund the bus to Harpers Ferry for Field Trip
    • 4th Grade – Funding the field trip to Great Falls
    • 5th Grade – Helped to fund the bus to the National Aquarium in Baltimore
    • Interlude – Funded many incentives and rewards and a calming herb garden
  • And our biggest funding item of the year was the PA system upgrade!
In addition to funding the above, the PTA also helped coordinate (and manage the money of the following events):
  • Project Discovery
  • Family Game Night
  • Campbell Spirit Wear Sales
  • School Movie Night
You can see the details of all of the income and expenses for the year in the attached documents. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! 

Jenny Morris