Campbell PTA financial update as of 5/31

Hi all,
I wanted to give a summary of the PTA's financial activities for the year before our last PTA meeting of the year. Obviously this has been a strange past few months, and that is reflected in the PTA's finances. We brought in less in fundraising since we weren't able to host one of our big fundraising events (the spring festival). However we also spent a lot less than we had budgeted. The end result is that we met our overall financial goals of starting to spend down a bit of our financial reserve. We started off the school year with over $65,000 in our reserve, and we're ending the year somewhere around the $55,000 mark (depending on how much is spent in June). In my opinion, our finances are in good shape, and we are in a position to potentially aim to spend down more of our reserves again next year.

Fundraising Highlights:

  • $10,318 – October fun run
  • $3,202 – Online camp auction
  • $389 – Election day bake sale
  • $1,669 – Amazon Smile and Amazon affiliate link
  • $281 – Box tops
  • $1,101 – Restaurant nights
  • $2,092 – Miscellaneous donations
Funding Highlights:
  • Outdoor Classroom Coordinator – we funded over 90 hours of Ms. Christy's time
  • We helped to fund many of the supplies for Ms. Christy's lessons
  • We funded a landscaping crew to clean up Campbell's grounds 
  • In support of expeditionary learning:
    • Toys and games were purchased in support of the Kindergarten expedition on play
    • 2nd grade planted native plants around Campbell and in the courtyard for their bird expedition
  • $1,500 in books for classroom libraries (this will show up as a June expense)
  • We helped with the upkeep and feeding of Paige the library bunny
  • Classroom resources, including:
    • A field trip to Green Spring Gardens for 5th grade
    • Support for the Jamestown field trip for 4th grade
    • Alternative seating for several classrooms (more to come over the summer, if everything goes as planned!)
  • The following Teacher Appreciation events were paid for by the PTA:
    • Teacher/staff breakfast near Thanksgiving
    • Lunch during conferences
    • Teacher appreciation week: gift certificates for teachers/staff to Lost Dog
  • We supported Girls on the Run and Boys on the Move by reimbursing for snacks (and t-shirts for BOTM)
  • We paid for pizza for the participants in the musical
  • We hosted 2 very fun community events: a Fall Festival, and a Family Game Night
  • We made a $1,500 donation to the CCPTA CPCI grant fund, and a $100 donation to SEPTA
  • We hosted a “pizza and packets” event over the summer supporting summer learning
  • We replaced the dilapidated sheds
  • We were able to provide childcare, Spanish translation, and pizza, fruit and vegetables at all of our (pre-pandemic) PTA meetings
  • In support of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic:
    • We reimbursed teachers' postage for sending notes and materials to their students 
    • We paid for basic school supplies for VPI students to use at home
    • We were able to help with over $700 of resources from our emergency food pantry at the outset of the pandemic
The details of our expenses and income are included in the attached report. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. And on a personal note, I've really enjoyed the opportunity to be your treasurer for the past 2 years. You all have been lovely to work with.
Stay safe,
Amanda Lowenberger
PTA Treasurer