Campbell PTA financial update as of 4/30

Hi all,

In advance of our PTA meeting on today, I wanted to give a budget update as of 4/30/2017 and let you know the funding requests that we will be voting on at the meeting. Please find our budget, income and expenses as of 4/30 attached. I'll go into more detail at the meeting tonight. Good news: We have not only hit our fundraising goals for the year but have exceeded them by $15,000! 
As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. See you all at the PTA meeting!
Here is a list of the funding requests that we will vote on at the meeting:
Ms. Johnson – Hard Case Pencil Holders for 3rd grade students next year $50.00
Ms. Brown – Various expenses for the musical $112.00
Ms. Brewer – Rug for Classroom (possibly for Ms. Kim as well) $565.00
Ms. Brewer – Plastic Floor Cover for classroom (possibly for Ms. Kim as well) $250.00
Ms. Norwood – As a follow-up to our screen printing work in the art room with our visiting artist, Veronica Barker-Barzel Kelly, I would like to take the third grade classes to visit the Torpedo Factory Art Center to tour the studios, including her space, and to see “Ms. V” give a demonstration using the Torpedo Factory printmaking presses.  She suggested including printing a monoprint on the press using the students’ own stencils created back at Campbell.  This trip would be the perfect tie to their classroom experience, as well as offer an opportunity to see living, working artists in our community. $250.00
Ms. Oviedo – The special education team would like to request Touch Math the 1st grade Basic Program which includes kit 1, 2, and 3. This will be used as a classroom resource to support math instruction for students who are having difficulty mastering the math standards in the strands of number and number sense and computation and estimation from k-2 grades. Some standard addressed include counting and skip counting to 100, basic addition and subtraction, subtraction and addition with regrouping and ungrouping, 3 addend addition, word problem, and counting money. The printed basic program costs $799. The downloadable green edition is also available for about a $180 savings at $619. $619.00