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"Big, Bad Basil" Expedition
Apple Exploration
Courtyard Renovation

What is the Campbell Outdoor Classroom?

Working in the Outdoor Classroom

The Campbell Outdoor Classroom is part of the Campbell learning experience. We make instructional connections to the Wetlands Learning Lab, gardens, courtyard, pond, and play space. Through Expeditionary Learning, we create lessons to support curriculum that give students a chance to learn through experiencing. It is a work in progress.

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Campbell's Expeditionary Learning, Student-built Wetlands, Outdoor Classroom, Organic Gardening, and Farm to Table Philosophy

...are a marker of our commitment to sustainability, in our school and our community.


Our Roots Go Down, Down to the Earth

My roots go down, down to the earth.

My roots go down, down to the earth.

My roots go down, down to the earth.

My roots go down.

Outdoor Classroom’s Garden & Farm to Table

By reidy | March 26, 2017

Outdoor Classroom’s Garden and Farm to Table Philosophy Summary Campbell Elementary has been committed to its classroom gardens from the very beginning of the school. In 2013, the school began an informal Farm to Table pilot program. It began simply, with a PTA funding request for an induction cooking surface, so that cooking would be safe for…

Courtyard Renovation into Outdoor Classroom

By reidy | March 26, 2017

Courtyard Renovation Summary Teachers, parents, students, and community partners collaborated on a renovation of Campbell’s interior courtyard into an outdoor classroom that encourages its use in the curriculum while sustaining native wildlife. Impact Teachers have pioneered innovative ways to integrate this accessible and beautiful outdoor classroom into the curriculum. Campbell students and teachers learn outside…

Basil Flowers

Big Bad Basil Expedition

By reidy | March 26, 2017

“Big Bad Basil” Project Summary Students will explore the world of gardening and learn how a greenhouse functions in order to extend the growing season. They will be able to grow their own basil, analyze existing recipes using this ingredient, and use this information to create their own recipes. Students will investigate and understand basic…

Caterpillar on Apple Tree


By reidy | March 26, 2017

  Apples (Tasting, Growing, Studying) Summary Campbell Elementary School’s EL (formerly expeditionary learning) model, our Outdoor Classroom, and our relationship with nearby apple orchards have allowed for a multi-year local sustainable apple exploration. Our students work with heirloom apple trees on our school grounds, studying the life cycle of the trees and their inhabitants, taste a…

Green House

By reidy | March 23, 2017

Green House Project Summary In January, 2016, Campbell Elementary decided to extend our growing season by joining with community partners to build a new greenhouse. For a video overview, please see the GreenScene profile of this project: https://campbellschool.org/campbell-green-action-projects/green-house/ Students researched the requirements of a greenhouse and specifics of growing different vegetables. They visited the Career Center greenhouse…