As we start planning for next school year, we want to take a moment to get input on how the PTA is doing and what we could improve upon.

Please take a moment to fill out the attached survey and return on the last day of school. Alternatively, you can fill it out online at:

If you think you will miss us, we have opportunities this summer for all Campbell parents:

We are planting crops for next year’s curriculum support. So, our Gardens will need watered. Please join the Campbell Listserve by responding to this post to get updates on the gardens.

You can also be part of setting PTA priorities for the next school year if you are on the listserve. We will be sending out draft calendars, budgets and Outdoor Classroom information for comment. This is a GREAT way to let your voice be heard!

For families with kids starting Kindergarten, play dates are being arranged. Contact Rachael Schroeder at for more information.

Library Days are every Thursday in July from 2-3pm. Mrs. Decker has fun things planned.

And look for the letter from Mrs. Nesselrode for specifics on Back to School orientation day.

The first PTA meeting of the 2014-2015 School Year is September 9th! It’s where the cool parents will be hanging out. We will have games and food and some business. We will outline the school year priorities, present the draft calendar and discuss and approve the operating budget for the year.