PTA Audit Sign Off and Budget Review Meeting

We are on the corner of South 1st and South Kensington. South 1st street is right by the 7-11 and Kenmore School. My mobile is: 703-856-7298.
If I have left anyone off that needs to come to this meeting feel free to forward them the invite.

– Sign off on the audit – 10 min
– Review past budgets – 15 min
– Tweak new budget 2013-2014 –  20 min
– Review calendar dates for up and coming events – 30 min
– address any outstanding items – 10 min

Tue Sep 3, 2013 7pm – 8:30pm Eastern Time

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  1. admin on September 1, 2013 at 1:45 am

    Eva, here’s a potential plan for attacking the budget:
    – this week, send a quick email to last year’s fund-raisers and project chairs (they’re called out in the budget docs on the google drive– people like Melody, Jan, Patty, Beth, etc.). Remind them what we budgeted last year, and what they raised/spent. Ask if you should try to keep the budget for them the same this year, or if they think we need to raise or lower our projections. (So, “Melody, Thanks for running the T-Shirt sales last year! We are looking at this year’s budget, and basing it off last year’s. Last year, you had $X expenses, and $Y profits. Should we keep those numbers for 2013/14, or should we adjust them up or down?”)
    – take a look at the past years’ budgets– we should now have 3 years’ worth, fairly nicely formatted. Take the feedback from the project and fundraising people, and raise or lower the numbers for this year.
    – at the 9/3 meeting, give the board the tentative budget to review. Massage as necessary.
    – circle back around to the fundraising/project people if you couldn’t meet their requests, or if you have more questions
    – present the budget for vote at the first general PTA meeting (required by by-laws. You’ll also need to vote to approve the audit at the first PTA meeting)

    As a side note, we raised almost exactly the amount we targeted in the budget last year, but we did not spend nearly as much as expected on programming. We may want to correspondingly lower our fundraising targets or raise our programming targets for this year to make up that difference.

    If you need me to, I can take a look at the google drive and point you to the right spot to find the people in charge of last year’s projects. Or Beth or Patty can probably tell you off the top of their heads. 🙂