PTA Board [Private]

How to update the Google calendar

Responsibility: This should be done by the Secretary or someone s/he delegates to (or anyone you can hoodwink into volunteering)

Update the Google Calendar:

  1. Verify that the master calendar spreadsheet is correct. Format it to have the following columns: Subject, Start Date, End Date, Start Time, and End Time. Double-check to be sure that each cell has been filled correctly, so that events will show up at the proper time and date. Subject might look like “Campbell PTA Back to School Picnic”– this is what will show up on the calendar itself. Be aware that parents may subscribe to multiple school calendars (e.g, one child at Campbell and one at TJ, or to the official APS calendar), and make sure that the subject line is clear.
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HowTo: Add New Board Members (and remove old ones)

Update the google apps accounts:

      1. Log into the google apps account as the administrator: with email account and the current password
      2. Click on Users icon to go to Users page. For each board member, hover over the old user name for a given account (e.g., Moley Evans as and rename (e.g., Beth Cavey). Change the password to a new password so that you can log into the account to archive emails and documents in a later step. (I usually change to a default password and then remind users to log in and change their password as soon as I am done.)

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Website status update

Hey, all! I've been working like mad to get the website up and running ASAP. Here's the current status:

  1. Website is up! If you go to you'll see our fancy new website. You should be able to log into the website and have the role of Editor, which means that you can create and edit content on the site at will.
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Planning the new web site

We’ve talked some about changing the PTA website to be easier for people to manage this year. Can we brainstorm for a bit about what we’d like the website to do?

Here are some possibilities:
– Host a PTA calendar that people can subscribe to so they will get reminders about PTA meetings, movie nights, Project Discovery dates, and so on. Read More