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: Campbell PTA Minutes 10.14.14

Excerpted below and attached are this month’s PTA meeting minutes.  Again, apologies for formatting issues.  The PTA is seeking volunteers to translate PTA minutes and other PTA-related documents into Spanish.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Amy Yenyo at

PTA Meeting Notes

October 14, 2014

6:00 p.m. – 7:40 p.m.

 Attendees:  Approximately 30 individuals

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: Campbell PTA Minutes 9.9.14

Following are the minutes of the PTA meeting last Tuesday, September 9th (excerpted and attached below).  A Spanish version is forthcoming.  Apologies for formatting issues (formatting does not always transfer when text is cut and pasted from a Word document).  If you have questions or problems opening the attachments at the bottom of the email, please contact  

Campbell PTA Meeting

September 9, 2014

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Attendees:  approximately 35 individuals

I.     Welcome
and Introductions

President, Beth Cavey, welcomed everyone to the first Parent Teacher
Association (PTA) meeting of the year.

II.    Overview
of Campbell School Outdoor Classroom

Presenters: Jessica Haney and Christy

  • The former Garden
    Committee has been renamed the Outdoor Classroom Committee.  Jessica Haney and Christy Przytawik are
    the co-chairs. 

  • The Outdoor Classroom Committee
    is seeking volunteers.  If you are
    interested, please email
    or Christy at
    or call the school.

  • The co-chairs provided a brief history of recent
    efforts for the Campbell schoolyard, the vegetable and flower gardens, and the
    Wetlands Learning.  There was also an
    extensive discussion of next year’s plans which in general focus on increasing
    utilization of the Outdoor Classroom by teachers and students.  Some of next year’s goals include:

    • Maintaining the garden beds and assisting the
      teachers and students in using the gardens

    • Assisting in the management of small groups of
      students doing outdoor lessons

    • Assisting with farm-to-table lessons that can be

    • Developing expedition-related outdoor lessons in
      conjunction with teachers and the Expeditionary Learning Specialist, Pam Clark

    • Fostering connections with local nature centers
      and other community based organizations

    • Helping to plan and recruit for Garden Work Days

    • Learning more about native and invasive plants
      in the Wetlands

    • Helping engage children in outdoor exploration
      outside of school hours


  • In order to create a sustainable solution for
    the entire school yard and grounds so that it can be better utilized by
    teachers and students, the PTA is recommending the creation of a paid Garden
    Docent position.  The Garden Docent
    would, among other responsibilities, conduct 2-4 classes per week.  

    • This position would be filled by Christy
      Przystawik, who has extensive experience in this type of work.  She is a garden teacher at a public school in
      Washington, DC, where the school grows, harvests, and cooks all of its food
      from their own garden.  She is also a
      trained chef.  This position is not part
      of the Arlington Public School System. 
      The cost to pay for the position has been included in the PTA Budget

  • The first garden day is September 20th.
    We hope you can join us.

  • There is interest in researching other possible
    items for the grounds, including a beehive and chicken coup. 


  • For questions or more information, please see
    the attached document, “Campbell Outdoor Classroom Committee, Maintaining Our
    Schoolyard, supporting outdoor learning” or contact Jessica or Christy at the
    emails noted above.

Priorities, Review of Calendar, and Budget Discussion and Approval

  • PTA Meeting days and times:  A survey sent out last year to PTA membership
    and the broader Campbell community identified concerns with the PTA meeting
    time.  Unfortunately, there was no
    consensus about preferred days and times. 
    Because Tuesdays have been identified as a day that does not conflict
    with other Arlington Public School System meetings, Campbell PTA meetings will
    remain on Tuesdays.  However, the PTA
    Executive Board is proposing to alternate the times to try to accommodate
    different work and family schedules.  To
    that end, the meeting in December will begin at a later time (7:30 or 8 p.m.
    TBD), rather than at 6 p.m.  We look
    forward to your feedback on how this alternate schedule is working. 

  • PTA Priorities for the 2014/2015 School Year:  The PTA Executive Committee, taking into
    account survey responses, identified the following four priorities (not in any
    order) for PTA activities this school year: 
    (1) the outdoor classroom; (2) field trips; (3) reading support; and,
    (4) teacher appreciation. 

  • Thursday Folders (Teachers Need Our Help):  Every Thursday, a folder comes home with
    important information in it from the school, the county, the PTA, and outside
    vendors.  Our teachers could really use
    help in stuffing the folders on Thursday mornings.  If you are able to help out, please contact
    Elizabeth Cavey, PTA President, at


  • Calendar:  Principal Nesselrode will be sending out the
    calendar for the year soon.  In the
    meantime, here are the events scheduled for September: 

    • Wednesday, September 17th (6:30-8):
      Back-to-School Night

    • Saturday, September 20th (9-1
      p.m.):  Garden Work Day

    • Monday, September 22nd (2:45):
      Outdoor Classroom Committee Meeting

    • Friday, September 26th (8:30
      a.m.):  Garden Work Day

    • Friday, September 26th (5:30-8
      p.m.):  School Picnic 

  • Classroom Parents:  Each classroom will have a “Room Parent” who
    will serve as an advocate for the parents and kids in the classroom.  Parents can reach out to the designated room
    parent if they have questions or concerns or to get more information.  Teachers can utilize the room parents as well.  If you are interested in being a room parent,
    you can sign up during the Back-to-School Night or contact Rachel Schroeder at 

  • PTA newsletter:  The PTA will publish a monthly
    newsletter.  It will include meeting
    notices, recipes, and other interesting items for parents.  If you have ideas for the newsletter, please
    contact Beth Cavey at  

  • Fundraising
    Committee report

    • Ideas to raise money include:  a fall fundraiser – some kind of pledge drive
      TBD; Read-a-thon; Barnes & Noble wrapping presents on Black Friday;
      restaurant nights; Wetlands Festival

    • Don’t forget to link all cards to Campbell
      School. Some places like Target and Amazon give Campbell 5% of all
      purchases.  This is one of the easiest
      ways to raise money for the school. Participating vendors include: Amazon,
      escripts, Giant, Safeway.  For more
      information or to sign up your cards online, go to For
      questions, contact

    • Please also be sure to “friend” Campbell on

    • If you are interested in helping out with the
      Fundraising Committee, please contact

  • Budget for School Year 2014/2015: 

    • Copies of the proposed budget were passed out  

    • Eva Clark, the Treasurer, reviewed some of the
      key projects funded last year (e.g., Chrome books, bikes for the pre-K
      classroom etc.) 

    • Last year, the Wetlands Festival raised about
      $10,000 – some of these funds are carried over the following year

    • Campbell Outdoor Classroom Fund: $5,363.40 has
      been put into savings

    • The proposed budget includes up to $6,000 to pay
      for the Garden Docent position

    • Other priorities included in budget: School dances,
      School picnic; Project Discovery

    • To get reimbursed for approved expenses, go to
      the Campbell website and print off a reimbursement request form and submit it
      to Eva Clark (you can drop it off in the front office or email it to her at  Expenses under $300 in general do not need
      general PTA membership approval, but our practice is to bring all such requests
      to the general PTA.

    • The proposed budget includes carrying over funds
      for next year’s budget.   

    • MOTION
      :  Nathan Zane
      made the motion; Chandi Krohl seconded it. 
      The motion was approved.  A copy
      of the budget is available on the Campbell website.  The website will also include the Treasurer’s
      monthly report. 

  • Project Discovery:  Project Discovery is an after school
    enrichment program run by the PTA.  The
    classes are after school on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Classes have included such things as zumba,
    martial arts, chess, art etc.  There is a
    fee, but scholarships are available.  It
    is important to note that this is not a fundraiser – money raised by the
    program is put back into program operations. 
    Another way to save $25 on program expenses is to volunteer to check-in
    kids after school.

  • Funding request:

    • MOTION
      :  Motion
      to fund an aerator for the turtle ponds up to $100 was approved.  Patty Healy made the motion; Nathan Zane

  • School Picnic:  The picnic is scheduled for Friday, September
    25th (5:30-8 p.m.) on the Campbell School Grounds.  There will lots of great food offered by a
    variety of food trucks.  10% of all
    proceeds from the food truck will be given back to the PTA.  Campbell wear will be available.  Bring your blankets and be ready to have fun!


  • Parent/Teacher Conferences:

    • Conferences
      are scheduled for Thursday, October 9th and Friday, October 10th. 

    • Everwonder
      will be offering a camp on both days.  
      Moley Evans, who runs Everwonder, will donate a percent of the proceeds
      to Campbell.  Everwonder camps will be
      available to all APS parents/students. Look out for more information in your
      Thursday folders.


      IV.  Principal
      State of the School Address and Questions

      Presenter:  Principal Maureen Nesselrode

  • Enrollment
    for each grade

    • Prek = 65 students (5

    • K -= 71 students (3 classes)

    • 1st = 59 students (3

    • 2nd = 64 students (3

    • 3rd = 54 students (3

    • 4th = 58 students (3

    • 5th = 47 students (2

    • Largest class is 24 kids;
      smallest 17 kids

  • Standards of Learning (SOLs):

    • Very strong PALS scores
      school wide K-2

    • Significant gains in Reading
      SOL pass rates in grades 3 and 4

    • Strong math SOL results in
      grades 3-5

    • Progress among ESOL/HILT

    • Met state targets in all
      areas 2 years in a row


  • Areas to focus on for

    • Consistency in Expeditionary
      Learning (EL) practices

    • Coordination school wide
      (vertical alignment of Expeditions)

    • The Workshop Model

    • Student Led Conferences –
      expanding in Grades 2/3 (students will do it at March and June

    • Learning outside when

  • Refreshing the building:

    • Soccer field has been seeded

    • Murals hung in cafeteria

    • New stage curtains

    • New art furniture coming

    • De-cluttering

    • New gym floor

    • New bulletin boards

    • Some new chairs/desks

    • Requests have been put in for
      bike track and new carpeting

  • Changes in testing in VA
    – these are state decisions, not Arlington County

    • 3rd grade Science
      SOL eliminated

    • 3rd grade Social
      Studies SOL eliminated

    • 5th grade writing
      SOL eliminated


  • The Workshop Model:  This model of learning is considered a
    “best practice” for Expeditionary Learning and is endorsed by other
    experts, such as Teacher’s College. 
    Principle Nesselrode provided an example.  In music class, there may be a workshop
    on playing the keyboard.  It might
    run something like this:  the
    teacher shows the students how to do it; the students go to keyboards with
    headphones and when they have mastered a particular skill, they demonstrate
    the skill for the teacher.  The
    teacher checks off the skill and the child moves on to another skill.  This model can be used for all subjects.  Because it involves a level of
    independent work, a child’s progress may vary from his or her peers.

  •  Ipad Countywide Initiative  

    • Campbell has 3 pilot
      classrooms.  Liz Seitz, a K/1
      teacher and trained reading specialist, researched and identified
      appropriate applications (“apps”) for the kids to use on the Ipads.  These have all been vetted with the Instructional
      Technology Coordinator (ITC).  The
      “apps” are directed by the teacher and used to support classroom
      instruction.  Principal Nesselrode
      will share the list of approved “apps” with parents.  More information on the pilot projects
      will be made available later in the fall/winter.

  • Forms of communication with
    :  Thursday folders;
    School Talk; Twitter Account; Campbell Website; Turtle Tales Newsletter;
    PTA listserve; Call the main office for logistical questions

  • Safety and Security:

    • Please always enter the
      school through Door 1 and sign the visitor log in the front office.  If you need to walk through the school,
      wear a visitor’s badge sticker.

    • We have three additional
      elementary school resource officers (SROs) – these are police officers who
      work for the county and they are divided among the schools

    • All schools have lock
      down drills in September and January and monthly fire drills; there is an
      annual earthquake drill

  • Opportunities for 4th
    and 5th graders
    Safety patrols (5th grade); chorus (4th/5th
    grade); band/orchestra (4/5); Weatherbugs/Community Meeting (4/5); Yes
    club – 4/5 by invitation; Book clubs – 4/5 by invitation; Encourage
    students to stay committed to activities.

  • Principal Chats:
    Principal chats are scheduled once a month; however, because of
    parent/teacher conferences in October there will be no Principal Chat that
    month.  The next one is scheduled
    for Thursday, November 13th at 8:00 a.m.  Contact Principal Nesselrode if you have
    ideas for topics of discussion.






doc icon Campbell-PTA-Meeting-Notes-9.9.14.doc
doc icon Campbell-Outdoor-Classroom-handout-9-9-14.doc

Welcome Back to School!

I hope everyone is enjoying school being back in session. The PTA Executive Board is looking forward to a great year!

Mark your calendars for the following events:

September 9: First PTA meeting, 6-8pm in the Multipurpose Room

September 20: Garden Work Day, 9-1

September 26: Morning Garden Work Day and Fall Picnic! Details to follow.

: Campbell PTA Minutes June 10, 2014

Hi everyone,
Here are the minutes from this week's PTA meeting (excerpted below and attached).  Apologies for formatting errors below – for some reason cutting and pasting in google mail does not bring over all of the formatting).  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Amy Yenyo

PTA Meeting Minutes

10, 2014



I.     General

  • A thank you note was read aloud from Ms. Gayle
    (on behalf of the student, teachers and reading team) to the PTA for funding
    the school wide book distribution that occurred on June 10, 2014.

  • Thank you to Melody Kaiser for putting together
    the fabulous yearbook.   They will be delivered
    at fifth grade graduation and go home with the kids on the last day of school.

  • Nathan Zee and Rachel Schroeder are organizing K/1
    play dates over the summer.  If you are
    interested in getting these notices (and have not already signed up to receive
    them), you may contact Nathan at
     or Rachel at   Principle Nesselrode will put this on School

    II.    PTA
    Officers for 2014-2015 School Year

    The PTA unanimously approved the
    following slate of officers: 

  • Beth Cavey, President

  • Patty Healey, Vice President for Programming

  • Rachael Schroeder, Vice President for

  • Amy Yenyo, Secretary

  • Eva Clark, Treasurer

Ms. Hill will continue to be the
teacher liaison to the PTA.

III.   Funding

unanimously approved the following funding proposals:

  • $200 for popsicles at Campbell Special Olympics

  • $1500 for a set of 6 Chrome books for the
    special education team, contingent upon there being no prohibition in
    applicable state or county PTA rules (Eva Clark will check the rules)

  • Up to $1000 for new tricycles and scooters for
    the pre-K classes contingent upon the Executive Board’s review and approval of
    a plan submitted by the pre-K team

  • $650 for the purchase 20 Longman Advanced
    American Dictionaries in paperback for use by 3-5 grade ESOL students (these
    can be used on SOLs)

  • $1000 for the purchase of late summer plants for
    fall harvesting (e.g., tomato seedlings, cover crop, wood mulch, organic
    fertilizer, pumpkins etc.)

    IV.  “The
    Campbell Way” PTA Subcommittee  

  • There is interest among
    PTA members to form a subcommittee that looks into how to maintain and
    enhance the expeditionary learning (EL) philosophy at Campbell.  This group could consider among other
    • Education for parents,
      kids and staff on the Campbell philosophy of expeditionary learning
    • Ideas for how to support increased
      utilization of the Wetlands/outdoor classroom in school curriculums
      (without adding burden to the teachers); part of this work could include
      identifying existing barriers to its use and incorporation in the class
      and proposing solutions to the PTA and school staff for consideration
    • The development of an EL based
      curriculum that kids can take on field trips to help augment what the
      kids are learning

  • If you are interested in
    being a part of this subcommittee, please contact  

V.    Arlington
County Overcrowding

  • Arlington County is still
    considering a number of options, including building a new choice school or
    adding on to existing schools, to address the student overcrowding
  • The PTA decided that we
    should come up with a position on the issue and develop some talking
    points for parents and school staff to be ready for this discussion.    
  • The Executive Committee will develop a
    statement/letter that can be shared with the School Board and others to
    help outside people understand potential impacts on the community and
    culture of Campbell of any proposed changes to building, land and number
    of students. The letter will explain who Campbell is, the school’s
    philosophy and why the school (including the students, families, and
    staff) are tied to this land.
  •  On Wednesday, June 18th, there
    will be a Wetlands walk through with the Department of Environmental
    Services.  Please contact Jessica
    Haney at
    for more information.  

VI.  Closing

  • The PTA thanks Moley Evans
    for her two years of serving as its President. Thank you Moley for all of
    your hard work!! 
  • Other PTA members were
    thanked for their hard work and contributions. 
  • Maureen Nesselrode, Karen
    Anselmo, and Ms. Hill were also thanked for their support during the year.
  • Congratulations on a great


doc icon Campbell-PTA-Meeting-Minutes-6.10.14.doc

: Campbell PTA Minutes: May 14, 2014

PTA Minutes                                                        May
14, 2014

on Fundraising

The Wetlands Festival raised about
$10,000 ($8,000 from the silent auction and online sales, and $2,000 from cash
sales on the day of).  This is about the
same amount that the festival raised last year.

The Read-a-Thon raised $4,520.


Officers for 2014-2015 School Year

Beth Cavey, President

Patty Healey, VP for Programming

Rachael Schroeder, VP for Fundraising

Amy Yenyo, Secretary

Eva Clark, Treasurer

Ms. Hill will continue
to be the teacher liaison to the PTA.


PTA unanimously approved the following funding proposals:

$50 gift cards for each custodian, for a
total of $200.

$100 donation to Long Branch and Potomac
Overlook Nature Centers, as thanks for donating their time at the Wetlands

for a voluntary teacher training program in Fall 2014 on working effectively
with students with autism

$3,000 for five classroom library kits
($600 each) for grades 4 and 5

$200 for chair sacs to hold classroom library

$100 for gift cards for student patrols

$220 for a food thermometer and food
processor for the kitchen

$115 for props, materials, and costumes
for the Campbell musical


to Have an Orchard Planted at Campbell

PTA member Christy Przystawik attended a
School Garden Teacher Training in D.C. and met with a tree expert who told her
we could apply to have an orchard planted at Campbell.  Christy requested some help in filling out
the application, which would need to be submitted in Spring 2014.  We need to plan for the space first; Christy will
consult with Pat Findikoglu and former Campbell parent Leslie Mead, who were
instrumental in bringing the Wetlands to Campbell.


on APS School Construction

It’s our understanding that Campbell is
no longer being considered as a site for additional construction.

At this point, it looks like there will
be a new elementary school on the grounds of Thomas Jefferson Middle School, as
well as an addition for Abingdon Elementary.

It appears that there will be a new
middle school in the Wilson Building.

It appears that at Washington-Lee High
School, there will be a reconfiguration of classrooms to add seats.


on 2014-2015 Enrollment Numbers and Staff Changes

Unlike other schools, Campbell is not
forced to increase enrollment in the 2014-2015 school year.

We anticipate the same staff and same number
of students next year. 

There will three kindergarten classes
and three first grade classes.

Janice Wood will retire at the end of this

Shirley Atkins will retire, and Pamela
Clark will work at Campbell full-time, as both EL Coordinator and the Resource
Teacher for the Gifted.

Frances McOwen is retiring, and Florence
Dale will return to Campbell to teach ESOL-HILT.

George Laumann is retiring, and Morgan Norwood
will become the full-time art teacher.

Erin Pavolko is leaving Campbell to take
a full-time music position at Patrick Henry.



Standards of Learning (SOL) tests will
be administered from May 19-June 12.

Virginia eliminated two SOLs for next
year; there will be no science or social studies SOLs for fourth grade and no
writing SOL in fifth grade.

Teachers have found that the Interactive
Achievement (IA) tests are helpful in determining what students are
understanding and retaining during the school year.  They have helped teachers identify what areas
need to be reviewed and re-taught.

This year, Campbell kindergartners’ IA
scores beat the APS average.




[CampbellPTA] Building addition at Campbell & survey for you opinion

Hello Campbell Community,

Below are links to informations about all the proposed plans to either add additions to schools or build a new school.  This is your opportunity to tell the planners what you would like.  The decision has not been made yet, but it will be soon, this is very important*.  They only take a few minutes.

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Welcome to Campbell


Welcome to the Campbell Elementary School’s PTA website! We’ve got some exciting events this spring, including the upcoming Wetlands Festival on May 3. Tickets are only $10 per family.

Campbell Elementary School Annual Wetland Festival

Saturday, May 3, 2014
3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
737 South Carlin Springs Road, Arlington VA
    • Scavenger Hunt
    • Tour our Wetland Lab
    • Long Branch Nature Center Wetland Critters & Watershed Program
  • Potomac Overlook Regional Park – Arlington’s Native American artifacts & history
  • Live Performances, including the:
  • Bolivian Dancers, School Street Ramblers (Bluegrass Band), Forty Miles Home (Local Favorite)
  • Old Fashion Lemonade Stand ( Made fresh with herbs from the Campbell Gardens)
  • Food Trucks!!!
  • Menchies Frozen Yogurt
  • Cupcake Truck
  • Latin Flavors Grilling Fresh on-site
  • Willie’s Po Boy
  • Fun, Games, Community, Raffles, Auction and so much more!!!
Campbell’s Community supports the up-keep and future phases through funds raised in large part by our Annual Event.  The Wetlands Lab is a benefit to our entire South Arlington Community and supports the continued understanding and education of the environment, wildlife, life-cycles, ecology and science.
We appreciate your support!